Simple Weight Tracking

No guesswork or calorie counting required.

Simply enter your daily weight and let Weight Diary estimate your weekly weight loss and daily calorie change.

The graph view cuts through the normal daily ups and downs by displaying a trend line that plots your average weight. If the line is going and most of your entries are below this line down you are losing weight. Simple.

With our WiFi smart scale support you can have your body weight and fat percentage uploaded automatically each day. Find out more about smart scales from Fitbit and Withings.

Use the goal calculator to plan your diet. Add a personal goal to see the remaining time based on your current rate of weight loss.

Optional application badge shows the days since your last weigh-in to keep you motivated.

Full-screen, multi-touch landscape graph view lets you explore you data.

Add an optional passcode or use Touch ID to keep your weight data private

Choose your units. Pounds, kilograms or stones. Calories or kilojoules. BMI (body mass index) too.

Record your fat percentage or add custom notes.

Syncs with the iOS Health app.

Full data import and export.

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