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The Future of Weighing

We purchased a new digital scale last week. Our old one didn't seem to be very accurate so we splurged for an all singing, all dancing Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It is a WiFi scale that uploads your data to a Withings account.

The scale automatically recognizes different family members and measures your weight, body fat, heart rate, and even temperature/CO2 levels in your house. The scale works flawlessly and we haven't missed a weigh-in since getting it.

The only problem was it was hard to keep all these numbers in our heads and then transfer them to Weight Diary. So we did what any good app developer would do and promptly added Withings sync support to our app so your weight data is automatically added the next time you launch Weight Diary.

While we were at it we also added support for Fitbit WiFi Scales. However, a warning for our UK customers. The Fitbit app doesn't display stones correctly so we are interested to hear your experience with this scale.