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Weight Diary 2.0

Weight Diary 2.0 has just been released. You told us you really like the simplicity so we've been very careful to preserve this as we add new features. Some of these features are only available in the paid version so it is a good time to upgrade and ditch the ads. 

There is a new optional badge that  shows the number of days since you last weighed. We found that little red badge provides just the right amount of guilt to get us back on on the scales after a day of indulgence!

The new goal calculator is a great way to set your weekly and daily targets and shows the relationship between weight loss and calories more clearly.

We also added a new visual BMI scale so you can check your body-mass-index at a glance.

Tilt your phone sideways to see the new full-screen graph view. Drag with one or two fingers to explore your past weight entries or calculate your weight loss between any two dates.

New date selector… new color theme… data import and backups using email, iTunes or Dropbox… unlimited weight entries…

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email us. Every new feature was added in response to your feedback.